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Here we go again indeed...A.H is nothing if not persistent in his presence on our websites, and quite rightly so, after all he is our favourite musician and favourite all round person.
This is Steeleye Span in the years that Ashley was with them, now they did record and produce some fine tracks after Ashley's departure, but for consistent whole albums, it was in this period that to our minds Steeleye Span really shone, from the absolutely incredible Hark, The Village Wait to the very rural Please To See The King, to The wonderfully charming Ten Man Mop they drew a very complete picture of Rural  England, and to a lesser degree, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. What a time it was. There is an irony that the line up that recorded Hark, The Village Wait did not play together live until the concert album The Journey, released in 1999.
Now, let's begin our journey through the Ashley Hutchings years of Steeleye Span.

A Note: We've added a piece of vintage video footage, on the Please To See The King page of the Please To See The King line up of Steeleye Span, courtesey of a You Tube subscriber, JG2000. Whoever you are JG we here at Hark The Village Wait offer you massive thanks for this.

Steeleye Span Song Book. pub. 1972

Good people, pray heed our petition,
Your attention we beg and we crave.
And if you are inclined for to listen
An abundance of pastime we'll have.

We have come to relate many stories
Concerning our forefathers' times.
And we trust they will drive out your worries,
Of this we are all in one mind.

Many tales of the poor and the gentry,
Of labour and love will arise
There are no finer songs in this country
In Scotland or Ireland likewise

There's on thing more needing mention:
The dances we've danced all in fun.
So now that you've heard our intention,
We'll play on to the beat of the drum.

-A Calling-On Song from  Hark! The Village Wait

Steeleye Span Mk.1

Hark The Village Wait. June 1970

Please To See The King. March 1971

Ten Man Mop. December 1971

The Journey 1999

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