Hark The Village Wait
A Calling-On Song
Hark! The Village Wait
Please To See The King
Ten Man Mop
The Journey. 1999
Spanning The Links

This is a live recording of most of a benefit concert for the
War Child Charity, which helps children living in war zones. It took place on September 2nd, 1995 at The Forum, London. and was organized by Dave Hill, a long-standing Steeleye Span fan. He managed to convince nearly everybody of the Steeleye Span members from the first 25 five years of their history to play at this concert.


Steeleye Span Mk 1

(represented on this website)

Gay Woods, Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Ashley Hutchings, Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick (both to play Terry Wood's part, the only Steeleye member not present), Michael Gregory (drums, to replace Mk 1 studio drummers Gerry Conway and Dave Mattacks)

They played virtually all of Hark! The Village Wait and was the first time this band ever played live together. As Maddy put it, it was their Debut performance after 25 years!

Steeleye Span Mk 2

(represented on this website)

Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Martin Carthy, Peter Knight, Ashley Hutchings

They represented Please To See The King and Ten Man Mop and played tracks from those albums.

Steeleye Span Mk 3/4

Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Bob Johnson, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp, Nigel Pegrum

 With titles from Below the Salt up to All Around My Hat.

Steeleye Span Mk 5

Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Rick Kemp, Nigel Pegrum

A set taken from  Storm Force Ten and Live At Last.

Steeleye Span Mk 12

Maddy Prior, Gay Woods, Bob Johnson, Peter Knight, Tim Harries, Liam Genockey


The entire ensemble on stage to sing Rave On and Gaudete

The Journey. a 25th Anniversary Celebration 1999
Park Records PRK CD52 2 CD, UK, November 1999

The Set List

Steeleye Span Mk 1


Steeleye Span Mk 2


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