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Hark! The Village Wait
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Steeleye Span Mk.2

Maddy Prior, vocals, spoon, tabor, tambourine, bells;
Martin Carthy, vocals, guitar, banjo, organ, bells;
Tim Hart, vocals, guitar, dulcimer, bells;
Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar, bells;
Peter Knight, vocals, fiddle, mandolin, organ, bass guitar, bells

Engineers: Vic Gamm, Jerry Boys, Roger Mayer, Bob Potter, Roger Quested
Produced by Sandy Roberton, September Production Ltd.

Lovely On The Water
(trad. arr. Steeleye Span)
As I walked out one morning
In the springtime of the year
I overheard a sailor boy
Likewise a lady fair

They sang a song together
Made the valleys for to ring
While the birds on the spray in the meadows gay
Proclaimed the lovely spring

Said Willy unto Nancy
Oh we soon must sail away
For its lovely on the water
To hear the music play

For our Queen she do want seamen
So I will not stay on shore
I will brave the wars for my country
Where the blund'ring cannons roar

Poor Nancy fell and fainted
But soon he brought her to
For it's there they kissed and they embraced
And took a fond adieu

Come change your ring with me my love
For we may meet once more
But there's One above that will guard you love
Where the blund'ring cannons roar

Four pounds it is our bounty
And that must do for thee
For to help the aged parents
While I am on the sea

For Tower Hill is crowded
With mothers weeping sore
For their sons are gone to face the foe
Where the blundering cannons roar.

Steeleye Span performing The Lark In The Morning

Songs of Departure and Return

Please To See The King. March 1971
B&C CAS 1029 (LP, UK, March 1971)

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Side 2

Steeleye Span Mk. 2

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